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Strategic Development

My job is to help business leaders make plans toward a goal visible


According to Webster’s dictionary, the word Strategy is defined as “the art of devising or employing plans toward a goal.” The word Development is defined as “to make visible.”

It doesn’t need to be more difficult than that. My job is to help business leaders make plans toward a goal visible.

My job is not to tell these same leaders what their future plans should be. I simply help create an environment where they themselves – the true experts – can discover what direction their company must be heading and how to make this direction visible for everyone who needs to know.

Operational Development

The art of doing what you say you’re going to do

If Strategic Development can be described as making plans toward a goal visible, then Operational Development is the art of doing what you say you’re going to do.

This is often where many companies fail in realizing the strategic goals that looked so good on paper. The reason for this is that there is one very large barrier that gets in the way of Operational Development, and that is the operation itself.

I not only help executives identify needed improvements in the processes they work in, I also work actively with their teams to execute the necessary changes.


Selection of recent projects as head facilitator

  • Strategic and Operational Development projects for corporate HQ Finance departments based in Denmark & Belgium
  • Detailed mapping of all financial transactional processes for global shared service center
  • Corporate Governance restructuring for 2 global corporations with HQ in Sweden and Russia
  • Strategic Development Program for an International Sales Division based in Sweden
  • Global cost reduction program for a global MediTech company
  • Financial process re-alignment for a North American Sales Division
  • Working capital efficiency project for a global industrial company – worldwide
  • Sarbanes Oxley “SOX” Compliance facilitation work in Sweden, Germany, England, Poland, France, Belgium, and the USA
  • Process and System development initiative for support process within Global industrial company
  • Mentor at Hyper Island, a Digital Media School in Karlskrona, Sweden

Selection of clients


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John Heestand

  • Specialist in facilitation of strategic and operational development in international environments
  • Self-employed senior management consultant since 2001
  • Graduate in International Political Science from the University of Oregon 1988
  • American & Swedish citizen living in Sweden since 1988
  • Worked in international banking and corporate restructuring during the 1990’s